Mess Around East Yorkshire

*We were kindly asked to go to a local Mess Around Sensory play time in return for a blog post – as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*

So, I have probably mentioned it before, but I do sometimes struggle with things to do with William, especially as the days are getting colder and darker and wetter. So when Amy from Mess Around East Yorkshire got in touch and asked us to go and see what their Halloween sensory play activities were like, I of course jumped at the chance.

William is always a bit shy when trying new things. When I pick him up from nursery, they always say he is the last to have a go at the messier play activities, he likes to watch everyone have their go and then when he is sure of what to do, he will then participate. So I was interested to see how he would get on in this new environment, as we have never done anything like this together before. I was also intrigued to see what one of these sorts of activities would be like.

We got to the village hall and it was PACKED. I wasn’t sure if we would get parked! When we got there, I’m not going to lie I was AMAZED at the selection of activities that were there for the kids to play with.

William was unsure at first, but then got stuck into the slime! They had attached a big drain pipe together, with two buckets at either side of it, and provided ladles and big spoons for them to spoon the slime into the drainpipe and watch it slide all the way down. And of course, there were added Halloween themed toys and decorations in the mix too.

There were various other activity trays too, one including a pumpkin with baked beans and rakes for the children to scoop and move around the tray, a tray filled with shaving foam and spiders to look like a spiders web, a tray filled with oats and skeletons and various spoons/pouring equipment, another filled with coloured spaghetti and another filled with multi-coloured rice and cauldrons and other spooky toys. There was also a tray filled with some green sort of sand, I was unsure of what it actually was, and another filled with jelly! Honestly, the selection was incredible and there were so many different things for all ages, from baby to toddler.  There was also a witches cauldron and inflatable toys and balloons. There was also face painting in one corner, by a local company called Fantastic Faces who did an amazing job and loads of the kids ended up with their faces painted. There was music playing the whole time, and in one corner there was a painting area where the kids were free to play with the paint – there were certainly some artists in the building. (Banksy watch out).

William LOVED the slime. He played with it for AGES and laughed every time it slid down the pipe. He loves scooping, mixing and playing kitchens so this was right up his street, he was there mixing it all up and plopping it into the drainpipe. He also really enjoyed the rice, filling the cauldron up and then pouring it all out again, then repeating. He actually poured it on one of the mum’s head (oops – always my child). Mega LOLS for that thanks hun.

He also loved playing with the spaghetti, and was chucking it around, it was EVERYWHERE. It was in his hair, down his top, on my shoes, in my hair, honestly, the simplest things make the best toys! Why is that? He honestly loved it! Wasn’t too sure on the jelly and shaving foam though – which is fine, he hates wet things on his hands, and nags me to wipe his hands if he has even fallen down onto WET GRASS (*insert eye roll here*).

There were such an array of different activities for all ages of children, up to probably 3-4 years old, there were plenty of little babies sat in the middle of the jelly and shaving foam and were having a whale of a time!

Mess Around East Yorkshire also cater for children’s parties, with really reasonable prices and LOADS of different themes, I know there have unicorn themes and also seaside/under the sea themed parties most recently.

If you are local to Hull then I would definitely recommend looking into one of the play sessions near to you I will link the East Yorkshire page here, or also anywhere in the UK, they have lots of areas that are covered within the UK, so if you are stuck for something to do, I will link the main page here and you can go and have a look to see if it’s something that takes your fancy or that you think your child may enjoy.

Thanks again Amy for inviting us, and we will definitely see you at one of your future events!

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