It’s Been a While

Hello! Its been such a long time AGAIN! I really have been so busy and life is hectic – William is hectic!

Most of you here reading this will follow me on my instagram (@diaryofahullmum) – and will probably have seen a while ago that William has glue ear. We have battled with the Doctors every couple of months in 2018 when Will was having ear infection after ear infection, and we noticed that his speech wasn’t coming on a lot despite his age – he was 2 in October. Plus the fact that nursery had also flagged up that when he was at nursery he was quiet and barely made a noise. He had been referred but we were just waiting for an appointment. It seemed to take forever – I obviously work for the NHS and understand first hand how stretched we are and how scarce appointments are, but still, when it’s YOUR child you want an appointment there and then.

So we were seen and the Doctor confirmed that he had glue ear. I was so relieved I let out a few tears – it was so good to finally know that it wasn’t “just because” or “one of those things” – and that I knew I was right to trust my instincts – but why do some doctors and medical professionals think that you are being an over-protective and hypochondriac mother? Like – mate – I know my own child – I grew him after all and spend EVERY DAY WITH HIM. Give me strength. Anyways – we got there in the end, and we are going back to see the doctor at the ENT department again towards the end of the year, as the Summer can help with glue ear, and as he grows the tubes within his ear will widen, and if they do, even just a fraction, he will hopefully be able to recover naturally from it and not have to have a procedure – which of course if he needed then I would say yes go for it – but he is still only 2 years old, and if we can avoid unnecessary surgery then I will endeavour to do so.

We have also been going through some family issues – I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before but there is some illness on my In-Laws side, and it’s not been great, to be honest. The family member is quite unwell and basically there isn’t much that can be done unfortunately. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and it has really tested and stretched all involved, but things seem to be coasting along nicely and at the moment seem to be doing okay. It’s just one of those things unfortunately which needs to be taken one day at a time, and we all need to stick together. We also had a family bereavement at the beginning of the year, so yeah, it’s been a tough one and me and Norms have been tested a lot and it’s been a hard slog – not going to lie. And unfortunately it will only continue to be so – but all we can do is stick together and remember not to take things personally if we (I) get snapped at.

SO yeah, it’s been a mental few months, and to be honest Instagram has taken a back seat. I love stalking everyone’s pages, but the things that have happened this year have made me realise that there really are more important things in life to be worrying and putting your energy into – rather than stressing about the amount of likes you get on a picture, if someone finds your stories funny,  your number of followers – it really is just so ridiculous and taking a step back has made me re-evaluate it all, and I must say its ever so refreshing. But- saying that – Instagram is SUCH an escape for me – looking at my feed and seeing all the beautiful places and things people are doing, makes me escape the day to day life for just a few minutes. But also – side note – a lot of what we see is not real – people only want to show the good bits – and of course why shouldn’t they? But always try to remember that, because trust me it is easy to get sucked into this fake “insta-reality” .

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